Friday, May 31

Baby: Allie and Water

Allie just loves being in the water. We visited the pool at MetroClub near Rockwell just before summer ended.

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Thursday, May 30

Wear It Your Way With Wacoal

It was a cold December morning, and I was on my way to Quezon City to get something I had dry cleaned. I was wearing a black shirt and a pair of white shorts. Then, I had an afternoon tea party with friends in Taguig. I changed into a halter jersey dress. The day didn't end there. I had a dinner date in Makati that night. It was a little black and white asymmetric dress.

Three different outfits. Three different undergarments. I had to have the traditional bra, a strapless bra or a halter bra to wear a halter dress, and a one-sided bra to use my asymmetric dress. Women's clothing are so versatile that we have to have various undergarments that would work well with them.

Sometimes, it's hard to find the right undergarment for a specific outfit. Wacoal's versatile Wear It Your Way bra makes it easier for us ladies. This piece works well with differently styled outfits.

Wacoal asked this question. What are three (3) outfits that you can fashionable wear your way with Wacoal's versatile Wear It Your Way bra?

Using this undergarment the conventional way, I can choose to wear something as simple as a black shirt and shorts, like Nina Dobrev.

Image from Newsgab

... or by using the halter position, I can wear this fun Eliza J halter day dress.

Dress by Eliza J. Image from Nordstrom

One-shouldered dress like this Laundry by Shelli Segal piece? No problem.

Dress by Laundry by Shelli Segal. Image from Saks Fifth Avenue.

I love the fact that I don't have to search high and low for different undergarment styles to match my outfit. I'll just go with Wacoal because I can wear countless fashionable items with Wacoal's Wear It Your Way bra. 

For more information visit

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Font Love: A Couple of Emily Lime Freebies

So okay, I am loving every single font from Emily Lime. Then, I found some fabulous (and free!) dingbat fonts from Emily Lime that I want to share with you. Enjoy!

Links after the jump...

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Wednesday, May 29

Technology: Logitech Mini Boombox

This is my favorite bluetooth speaker so far. It's tiny. It's loud. It looks good too!

Touchscreen controls that light up on top.

I think it makes a great gift to the techie lover. This is the perfect companion for tablets and phones. My husband has this and we often use it when we watch TV shows on the iPad. It makes a great deal of difference. I always try to leave technology-related stuff alone with my husband. I got him to install our Logitech Harmony remote control (one remote control to manage our entertainment system in the bedroom and living room) and transfer movies to our media player so I can watch in the bedroom. But this bluetooth speaker was so easy to pair, I paired it myself with my phone so I can play music loud enough while I vacuum the floor. I wish we had one of these in every room of our house.

Now available at Project Happy.

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Tuesday, May 28

Food: Crepe Cake at Levante

I went to Levante's opening a couple of weeks ago at Eastwood's Citywalk 2 in Libis, QC. It was my first time to go to a Mercato Centrale's food night market. Although there was this blistering heat of a weather we call in the Philippines, the food we sampled was tasty. My favorite find? Cakes by K's Crepe Cakes.

They had chocolate, caramel and sugar flavors. I first had a taste of their amazing crepe cakes at one bazaar that we attended last December at Ayala Triangles. I was hoping to see them again, and when I did, I didn't hesitate to buy some.

What exactly are crepe cakes? They are layers of crepes bound together with whipped cream and topped with chocolate sauce or caramel. Sometimes, it's just topped with some kind icing (I'm just guessing).

I am once again drooling over the thought of having these. In my haste to enjoy the cakes I bought, I forgot to ask how and where I can order. Boo. Oh well, they'll be at Eastwood again this Friday. I'll probably just go ahead and visit.

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Monday, May 27

Some Wonderful News from ACU

You know, I get so happy for people who truly deserve to receive wonderful news. This is no exception. Although I do not know them at all, I am truly happy for them. Good job, all!
Australian Catholic University Manila Program announces recipients of Esteban Scholarships 

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) Manila Program is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the “Esteban Scholarship Awards”.

Aaron Olaguera from Fortridge Asian School and Julius Pungtilan from Baguio City National High School received respectively 100% and 50% scholarships.

Named after Eleanor Esteban, one of the pioneers in transnational education in the Philippines, the “Esteban Scholarship Awards” are given to qualified students for the entire 3-year program in Manila. A full scholarship is valued at AUD $5,400 per year.

ACU Manila offers the opportunity to gain a world-recognised Australian Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree and equips students to practice the profession in both Australia and the Philippines.

“I am very excited to start my studies here in ACU to enhance my analytical, critical, and creative skills and thinking and to widen my ideas in terms of Accountancy and business matters,” said Olaguerra who graduated class valedictorian. He currently serves as Junior Punong Barangay at the Sanggunian Barangay of South Cembo in Makati. He was also nominated to represent the country in the 2011 Global Young Leaders Conference held in Washington D.C., USA.

The ACU Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree offers units specific to Australian accounting requirements in addition to Philippines-specific units. It prepares students for entry-level employment as well as future managerial positions.

“Australian business schools are known around the world for producing top quality professionals. While we can, in some cases, say that innate talents and affinity work for people who succeed in the accounting world, it is extremely important that a quality education be also achieved,” added Pungtilan, an award winning member of the Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila’s Debate Society.

ACU students develop an understanding of how commercial, industrial and service organisations operate. They also acquire skills to practice in a wide range of finance and accounting occupations such as an accountant, auditor, investment manager, financial analyst, stockbroker, tax specialist or treasurer.

The ACU Manila campus is located at the Ground Floor of the Makati Stock Exchange Building, 6767 Ayala Ave., Makati City. For further inquiries, you may call (+632)5019347, (+632)4748345, visit, or email

(Photo caption left to right: Antonio Esteban, Executive Director of Australian International School; scholars Aaron Olaguera and Julius Pungtilan; and David Esteban, Marketing and Communications Director of Australian International School)
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Hair: Nature's Answer to Hair Loss

My hair has always been wavy, and only a few of my closest friends when I was a kid knew I had ringlets near my nape. The ringlets are gone now, because I think I may have had subjected my hair to too much chemicals -- from rebonding to dyeing it. I try not to do it often because I feel my hair is very weak, but a few years in a stressful environment of a job I once loved brought out the worst -- white hair and falling hair.

Yes, falling hair. That has been a major problem for me during the past year. I have very fine hair strands, and seeing lots of hair strands on my hands while I shampoo is terrifying. I tried using a couple of hair fall shampoos -- the more popular ones. One particular brand I tried didn't help at all. The other one promised less hair fall and it did make my hair fall situation better. So much better that this has been my go-to brand since last year.

A week ago, I got invited to the media launch of a local product that boasts a remedy to hair loss, I happily went. My uncle swears by it, and I got curious. This was the launch of Novuhair 3-in-1 package. They used to only have topical scalp lotion and shampoo, and now, they added conditioner to their list.

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Friday, May 24

Drink: Make Your Own Lemon-Lime Mojito

Fairly recently, we hosted a small gathering, and I was designated to make cocktail drinks. I decided to serve mojitos. We went to the nearest supermarket the morning of the get-together. Rustan's Supermarket was the nearest one, and I'm thankful they carried liquor on their shelves so I didn't need to go to a specialty liquor store. Not all ingredients for mojitos were there though, but we were already out of time, so I just got possible replacements for some of the ingredients.

It is my first time making this cocktail drink, and I just winged on deciding which alternate ingredients I should get. I hoped for the best. Of course I did my research and went online first to search for the best mojito recipe. I found one from Allrecipes.

Mint leaves were available at the supermarket, but there were no limes. Bummer. So, I got lemons instead, and went to the liquor area and found some lime concentrate. Yay! For white rum, I chose the brand I know, and got Bacardi. Pardon me for not knowing this, but I could never find club soda in my local supermarket. My brother was the one who told me that I should have gotten tonic water instead because it's just a sweetened version of club soda. He told this to me way after I left the supermarket. Oh well. I knew though that club soda is carbonated water. What I bought instead was Sprite -- a lemon-lime carbonate soda, so I know that would work.

If you've been using Allrecipes, you know that you can input the serving size on your computer and the quantity of the ingredients will automatically adjust for you right? This way, you are not stuck with a recipe for 10 people when you only need one for three. I set the servings on the recipe to 4, because this was the only one that will fit in my pitcher, and there were other drinks my friends can choose from.

Here's how I made mojitos:
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Thursday, May 23

Travel: The Best Looking Toiletries For Me

I've had my share of staying at hotels during my travels, most of the not so expensive ones anyway -- haha. One of the things that make an impression on me is how hotel toiletries are packaged. I usually won't book a hotel if I heard or found out their toiletries are really bad. Well, not unless the price of a nightly stay in that hotel is super sulit.

I don't know about you, but I find hotel toiletries sooo useful for travel. They can go inside your carry-ons because they are under the limit of the 3-1-1 rule of the TSA. So yes, I'm one of those people who take them home with me. But only if they look nice, and smell good, and work great. This way, I don't have to buy travel-sized toiletries from the supermarket. Besides, being a mom, I always always make sure I have liquid hand soap in my bag (and lotion too), and hotel shower gels and lotions fit the bill perfectly.

One of the nicest toiletry packaging I've found worthy of being taken home are those of the Archive brand. They can be found here in the Philippines too ... in Baguio Country Club. I love the packaging. It's so simple, it's beautiful.

Do you take home hotel toiletries like me? What's your favorite hotel toiletry brand?

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Wednesday, May 22

Event: Calligraphy Play

My sister invited me to go to a Calligraphy Play workshop by none other than Fozzy Castro-Dayrit. It was a fun and exciting experience for me because we got to learn the ins and outs of writing beautifully using calligraphy nibs. It was sponsored by Scribed, and we got some free goodies to use. I highly recommend going to one of Fozzy's calligraphy workshops. It's pretty hard to get a spot in her workshops so when the opportunity is there, go grab it.

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Tuesday, May 21

Food: Crack Sticks, Anyone?

I found this recipe through a close friend. She tried it and swore that it is addictive (yes, like crack supposedly). Haha. So, what exactly are crack sticks? They are essentially yummy toasted cream cheese rolls covered in cinna-sugar. These are super, super easy to do. I promise. Head on to Blushing Bee's site for her recipe. After trying this one, I think I'm going to go and try some different fillings like Nutella, Cookie Butter, Dulce de Leche, and maybe some Crumpy spreads. Haha. It's going to be fun and yummy.

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Monday, May 20

Travel: Tokyo-Themed Restrooms at Terminal 21

Okay, I promise this is the last one. The public restrooms on the Tokyo floor has lots of cute details. There is a suspended indoor trellis ceiling with installed alternating faux bamboo drop lights. Japanese gender icons are carved on the first trellis piece, as well as the stone wall. The long walkway towards the restrooms are simply adorned with white walls decorated with wood planks, some stone wall cladding, and bamboo fences. Artificial bonsai trees and floor lamps are set on the corner. Blue fabric drop flags with the same Japanese gender icons are placed on the different rooms. And of course, as expected, Japanese shoji screens are used as cubicle doors.

Terminal 21
San Francisco Bakery Restroom
Istanbul Market Restroom
London Loo

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Thursday, May 16

Travel: The Loo at Terminal 21

This is the third installment of Terminal 21's themed public restroom. So far, I've posted about their San Francisco Bakery Restroom and the Istanbul Market Restroom. Well, my friends and I were so intrigued about each and every themed floor, we decided to visit these areas as well. It got a bit tiring as we neared our fourth visit though, but let me show you anyway.

This is the public restroom on the London floor. The concept is London's underground transportation, or the tube. The restrooms are very utilitarian. The entrance doors simulated the sliding doors of the subway train. Underground railway system wallpapers covered the stall doors, and if you look at the bottom picture closely, there is even that yellow delineation on the edge of the floor that is similar to the edge of the platform in a subway.

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Wednesday, May 15

Travel: An Istanbul Market Restroom

Yesterday, you saw photos of the bakery restroom at Terminal 21. That was cute right? Well, now I'm sharing with you photos of the public restroom at the Istanbul floor. The walls leading up to the restrooms were painted vermillion, and are adorned with ornate glass and metal lamps. The lavatory area has mosaic walls, marble countertops and striking red and gold framed mirrors. More ornate lamps hang on the ceiling by the stalls. The hallway leading out the exit has a play on lights and shadows.

I think I have a couple more of themed public restrooms to show you, so stay tuned. :)

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Tuesday, May 14

Travel: A San Francisco Bakery Restroom

What? Yes, you read correctly. It is a bakery restroom -- well, a bakery-themed restroom. If you've been following my blog posts, you may have read about my recent one on Terminal 21, a one concept one floor mall in Bangkok. I just find it amazing that the designers of this mall's interiors took the time to go into the small details. I found it weird (at first) to see the bakery restroom sign. I mean, come on, if  you didn't know any better, what would you think? Once you go inside though, it's pretty cute.

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Monday, May 13

Travel: Shopping Around the World at Terminal 21

I was in Bangkok a while back and I totally forgot to share with you one of the most amazing malls I've been to. It's about 30 minutes away from Pratunam area. Terminal 21, as it is named, houses different world cities for every floor (a one concept one floor mall), and whenever you go to another floor, you "depart" by escalator and "arrive" at the new floor. Kinda confusing? Well, let me tell you in pictures.

Here is what the mall looks like from the outside.

This red and white lighthouse stands out as you go through the entrance. It's planted on the lower ground floor, "Caribbean", where the supermarket and some quick service food stalls are located. The floor tiles mimic sand.

The ground floor is reserved for luxury brands. The concept? Rome. Paintings adorn the ceilings and marble-like sculptures and archways surround the hallways.

Each escalator has signs like this -- departure and arrival gates.

The Tokyo floor was decorated with lanterns, torii gates, samurai, and other Japanese sculptures. It is a haven for ladies who love fashion.

The next floor is filled with all things English, as in England English -- Union Jack flags, double decker bus, and phone booths. The floor has menswear stores.

Be still your hearts. The Istanbul floor is to die for. The concept is the Istanbul market, decorated with colorful cloth ceilings, vibrant pendant lamps, and patterned tiles. The tiny boutiques on this floor are full of wonderful accessories and gifts.

One of my favorite cities, San Francisco, has a floor in this mall devoted to restaurants.

The topmost floor is all about Hollywood. This is where you'll find the cinemas, Fitness First and the spa.

So, now you've seen some snippets of their concept floors. And you're thinking if their public restrooms are the same right? The answer is yes! They are themed too! I'll share pictures next time.

P.S. to my readers in the Philippines, go out and vote wisely.

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Event: Mercato Centrale's Levante at Eastwood

Culinary adventures await you at Eastwood’s Levante night and food market this May!

Eat’s going to be a fun foodie adventure in Eastwood as the Mercato Centrale group, organizer of the premier food and lifestyle night markets around the metropolis, brings to you Levante – the newest night food market in Eastwood Citywalk 2. Grand opening is on May 17, Friday from 6pm to 3am.

Enjoy a culinary adventure at Levante with its mouth-watering homemade cooking straight from the kitchens of Eastwood’s budding food entrepreneurs, along with your favorite Pinoy street foods and, of course, the best-selling dishes from your favorite Mercato Centrale vendors.

“Eastwood has always been very supportive of new food concepts, from their new fusion restaurants up to their gourmet food markets in the malls. We are very glad to bring the Mercato Centrale concept to Eastwood to further complement the foodie-friendly lifestyle they have created” said Anton Diaz, co-organizer of Levante. Diaz is responsible for the popular food and travel blog

Come over to the grand opening of Levante and enjoy great-tasting and affordable food, pastry and dessert choices and live acoustic entertainment. Levante is open only on Fridays, 6pm to 3pm.

“We can’t wait for the residents, office workers and visitors of Eastwood City to enjoy the wide variety of gourmet and artisanal vendors we are bringing to the market!” added RJ Ledesma, co-organizer of Levante.

For vendor inquiries, please contact (+63 917) 840-1152 or (+632) 812-0102, email or visit
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Monday, May 6

Food: Grilled Cookie Butter and Nutella Surprise

This recipe by my sister is dedicated to all Speculoos and Nutella fans out there.

Grilled Cookie Butter and Nutella Surprise

* White bread sandwich slices
* Speculoos Cookie Butter
* Nutella
* almond crunch cereal
* fresh banana


1. Grill your sandwich slices on a panini maker until toasted.
2. On one slice, spread cookie butter and top with banana slices.
3. On another slice, spread some nutella and top with almond crunch cereal.
4. Combine the two into a sandwich and slice in the middle.

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