Friday, May 24

Drink: Make Your Own Lemon-Lime Mojito

Fairly recently, we hosted a small gathering, and I was designated to make cocktail drinks. I decided to serve mojitos. We went to the nearest supermarket the morning of the get-together. Rustan's Supermarket was the nearest one, and I'm thankful they carried liquor on their shelves so I didn't need to go to a specialty liquor store. Not all ingredients for mojitos were there though, but we were already out of time, so I just got possible replacements for some of the ingredients.

It is my first time making this cocktail drink, and I just winged on deciding which alternate ingredients I should get. I hoped for the best. Of course I did my research and went online first to search for the best mojito recipe. I found one from Allrecipes.

Mint leaves were available at the supermarket, but there were no limes. Bummer. So, I got lemons instead, and went to the liquor area and found some lime concentrate. Yay! For white rum, I chose the brand I know, and got Bacardi. Pardon me for not knowing this, but I could never find club soda in my local supermarket. My brother was the one who told me that I should have gotten tonic water instead because it's just a sweetened version of club soda. He told this to me way after I left the supermarket. Oh well. I knew though that club soda is carbonated water. What I bought instead was Sprite -- a lemon-lime carbonate soda, so I know that would work.

If you've been using Allrecipes, you know that you can input the serving size on your computer and the quantity of the ingredients will automatically adjust for you right? This way, you are not stuck with a recipe for 10 people when you only need one for three. I set the servings on the recipe to 4, because this was the only one that will fit in my pitcher, and there were other drinks my friends can choose from.

Here's how I made mojitos:

Lemon-Lime Mojito (when you can't find limes)

* a bunch of mint leaves, maybe about 40 leaves
* 2 lemons, cut into wedges
* 1/4 cup lime concentrate
* 1/2 cup white sugar
* 3/4 cup white rum
* 2 cups Sprite

What to do:
1. Crush the mint leaves and lemon wedges to release flavor of the mint and lemon.
2. Put these in the pitcher. Add sugar and muddle again.
3. Pour rum and Sprite.
4. Add sugar to taste.
5. To serve, fill the glass with crushed ice (cubed, if you don't have it). Then pour the cocktail mix.

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