Monday, May 20

Travel: Tokyo-Themed Restrooms at Terminal 21

Okay, I promise this is the last one. The public restrooms on the Tokyo floor has lots of cute details. There is a suspended indoor trellis ceiling with installed alternating faux bamboo drop lights. Japanese gender icons are carved on the first trellis piece, as well as the stone wall. The long walkway towards the restrooms are simply adorned with white walls decorated with wood planks, some stone wall cladding, and bamboo fences. Artificial bonsai trees and floor lamps are set on the corner. Blue fabric drop flags with the same Japanese gender icons are placed on the different rooms. And of course, as expected, Japanese shoji screens are used as cubicle doors.

Terminal 21
San Francisco Bakery Restroom
Istanbul Market Restroom
London Loo

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  1. Sad that this is the lst Mommy G - I enjoyed looking at the different designs over-all! Just curious, in Japan they have those floor latrines in some of the restrooms, did this one have it too? :;-)

    1. Haha. No, I don't think they have floor latrines. :)


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