Monday, May 13

Travel: Shopping Around the World at Terminal 21

I was in Bangkok a while back and I totally forgot to share with you one of the most amazing malls I've been to. It's about 30 minutes away from Pratunam area. Terminal 21, as it is named, houses different world cities for every floor (a one concept one floor mall), and whenever you go to another floor, you "depart" by escalator and "arrive" at the new floor. Kinda confusing? Well, let me tell you in pictures.

Here is what the mall looks like from the outside.

This red and white lighthouse stands out as you go through the entrance. It's planted on the lower ground floor, "Caribbean", where the supermarket and some quick service food stalls are located. The floor tiles mimic sand.

The ground floor is reserved for luxury brands. The concept? Rome. Paintings adorn the ceilings and marble-like sculptures and archways surround the hallways.

Each escalator has signs like this -- departure and arrival gates.

The Tokyo floor was decorated with lanterns, torii gates, samurai, and other Japanese sculptures. It is a haven for ladies who love fashion.

The next floor is filled with all things English, as in England English -- Union Jack flags, double decker bus, and phone booths. The floor has menswear stores.

Be still your hearts. The Istanbul floor is to die for. The concept is the Istanbul market, decorated with colorful cloth ceilings, vibrant pendant lamps, and patterned tiles. The tiny boutiques on this floor are full of wonderful accessories and gifts.

One of my favorite cities, San Francisco, has a floor in this mall devoted to restaurants.

The topmost floor is all about Hollywood. This is where you'll find the cinemas, Fitness First and the spa.

So, now you've seen some snippets of their concept floors. And you're thinking if their public restrooms are the same right? The answer is yes! They are themed too! I'll share pictures next time.

P.S. to my readers in the Philippines, go out and vote wisely.

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  1. Wow! Sarap tuloy mag-Bangkok! ;)

    1. I'm sure you and your daughters will love it!

  2. I really have to bookmark your blog when I go to Bangkok dear, especially these posts! Add a TRAVEL page on your blog so it's easier for me! hahaha!

    1. Haha! I'm clueless about designing blogs. lol


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