Friday, May 31

Baby: Allie and Water

Allie just loves being in the water. We visited the pool at MetroClub near Rockwell just before summer ended.

This is Daddy E and Allie enjoying the steps at the big people pool. She prefers this over the kiddie pool on the other side. (Allie's ootd: GapKids x DVF green hearts bikini)

Back at home, my in-laws got Allie a huge inflatable pool when they learned about her love for being in water. They used to have pool in the backyard, but converted it into a garden hence the inflatable pool. (Allie's ootd: Calypso St. Barth's for Target pink batik bikini)

This one is a small inflatable tub at my parents' farmhouse. They filled it with water and floating balls which Allie enjoyed immensely. (Allie's ootd: Baguio's Mile Hi club find two-piece mix and match tankini)

When we had a playdate at the Columns in Makati, Allie didn't want to get out of their pool. The kiddie pool was perfect for her. The depth is about 2 feet so she can walk by herself but of course, I was there to keep an eye on her. (Allie's ootd: Calypso St. Barth's for Target pink batik bikini)

We have yet to bring her to the beach though. Haha.

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  1. ging, allie is growing up so fast. time for baby no. 2? ;)

  2. Peachy, I don't think I can handle baby #2 just yet. hahaha.

  3. Ging you should join us in one of our playdates. Would love to meet you in person! and Adorable Allie too! :)

    1. Maggie, I'd love to! Just let me know when. :)


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