Monday, June 3

Event: Digital Interior Design & Decoration Summit 2013

My sister and I got invited to attend the first ever Digital Interior Design & Decoration Summit 2013 at Bayanihan Center down in Kapitolyo, Pasig last May 3rd. It was sponsored by HP, and it was all about custom interiors. The nice people at HP specifically spoke about their WallArt Solution, which are customized wallpapers.

The presentation showed how designers used HP's WallArt Solution in their projects. One video illustrated the ease of installation, and another showcased their partnership with renowned designer Karim Rashid.

It was an enlightening experience for us as it opened up possibilities in customizing interiors and exterior alike with these products because you can not only customize wallpaper designs, but sofas, chairs, lampshades, and doors (yes, doors) as well.

Look at the sofas above. The covering is customized. The panels behind them are examples of wall paper finishes.

They also had a demonstration of their UV printer -- and it was printing on an actual, rigid door. The ink dries off as it comes out of the printer. Oh em gee, I want that printer! Okay, maybe not usable for my purposes, but isn't it so cool to have one at your disposal?

There were 6 exhibition spaces by interior designers and one of my favorites was the custom WallArt Solution at the kitchen exhibit by Janelyn Ong. It was a Moroccan-inspired kitchen. She had a wall design showing off a faux Moroccan gate, and some Moroccan patterns on the cabinets.

At the kindergarten classroom display, we found this adorable custom hopscotch floor sticker.

Here is a custom lampshade. It reminded me of Maroon 5's "Love Somebody" performance at The Voice.

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