Sunday, June 9

Tech: 8tracks App

Handcrafted internet radio on the rise here. One of the things I missed when I moved back to the Philippines was Pandora. Pandora, as in internet radio, and not the charm bracelets because we have that here.

Well, my sister introduced me to 8tracks the other day. 8tracks is a collection of music playlists. It lets you choose a music playlist based on categories. Pwede na siyang pamalit sa Pandora. First, it would let you choose from the following.

Say you choose 'happy'. Then it will let you choose from these subcategories.

Then you pick the playlist.

Then hit play.

There are lots of playlists to choose from. Maybe you're in the mood for pop + workout... or some breakup + sad music.

Love it yet? Well, you can access it through your laptop ( or even your mobile phone by downloading the app.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ging! :)
    Yay! Available siya sa Android :)

    1. Yay Em! I'm super addicted to it. :P


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