Tuesday, June 4

Food: Cheesy Ensaymadas

Ensaymadas are pastry products dating back to 17th century Majorca, Spain. It has become part of the Filipino household, and everyone who has lived in the Philippines knows about it. Well, they should, because it is commonly sold in all bakeshops everywhere in the country. It is basically brioche baked with butter topped with butter, sugar and cheese.

One of the tastiest I've had is this one from a small bakery called Mita's.

It is simply wrapped in was paper folded and decorated by the brand sticker.

As I opened it slowly, I smelled the yummy goodness of the generous topping of grated queso de bola (Edam) cheese.

The bread itself was airy and light -- the right combination for my perfect ensaymada.

They have other stuff too that I can't wait to try. Read Oatmeal Chocolate Crisps, Red Velvet Cake, and Dulce de Leche Rolls. *drooling*

Mita's Bakeshop
No. 23 Maginoo Street,
Teacher's Village, QC

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