Friday, June 21

Baby: Keep Them Busy With Arts and Crafts

We spent one afternoon at my parents' house, and we did not bring Allie's iPad that contained all her Phineas and Ferb, Barney and Disney Jr. videos. It was a great thing that we left it at home because I got to show and teach her some crafty stuff to do.

I decided to let her do a card made from stuff we found lying around: one A5 sheet of sketch pad, plain colored notepads, and glue.

I folded the sheet in two. Then sketched a heart in front. Using the notepad, we tore them into small squares. I had her glue the pink and peach squares down on the heart part. Then, we glued the purple squares around it.

She loved doing it! And I enjoyed teaching her. 

I told her to draw on the inside too.

Here she is displaying her piece of work.

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  1. I think these types of activity is way better than any app! Love it, she's showing her creativity already!!! Way to go Allie!


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