Wednesday, June 5

Fashion: Collaboration Heaven at Uniqlo

Uniqlo was a brand I first heard from friends. I haven't really given it a thought until I went with my husband to find him some jeans.

We went to the branch at the Block in North Edsa. My first impression was, wow, this store is pretty big. I am a sucker for organized displays, and this was also one of the reasons I was pulled in. Price was pretty affordable, and I decided to try on some stuff.

I fell in love with the print on this pair of pants.

I got it because it was such a fun piece at P990. It is the same pair I was wearing in this photo below.

When I noticed it was a Celia Birtwell collaboration while shopping, I wondered if they still had the Laduree collection. So I went around and found these.

The cute prints on the left are their Karen Walker collab for kids. They have matching pants. I wish Allie can already fit in them. Never had I wanted to hoard so badly.

There were Karen Walker collab pieces for adults as well. I wanted us to match. Hahaha.

Near the Karen Walker stuff, I found some shabby chic prints from Cabbage and Roses...

... and some Andy Warhol prints...

... and my favorite, Lulu Guiness.

My time in Uniqlo was not enough. I think I only had 30 minutes then. But I promise I will be back. See you again real soon lovey.

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  1. pretties! makes me wanna head out and check Uniqlo right this minute! (and i haven't been to any of the shops yet)

    1. Go Faye! It's so much fun to shop there. One thing lang is they limit the number of pieces you can try in their dressing rooms. 4 lang!


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