Wednesday, June 12

Book: Gone Girl

During the weekend, I started (and finished) reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The story was about a marriage that turned bad... really bad. Basically, Amy, the wife, is missing and Nick, the husband, is the prime suspect. 

I won't give you the details as I suck at retelling stories, and besides, I don't want to give you spoilers. All I can say is, the book is a page-turner, and there are lots of unexpected events. The story is very dark, very twisted and out of this world creepy. Hmm, some people who read the book liked the ending. I was one of those who didn't. I can't wait for the movie though. Yes, it's going to be on the big screen. But they haven't announced the cast yet.

If I were to choose who will play Nick and Amy, I pick --

Bradley Cooper or Jon Hamm as Nick

Bradley Cooper photo credit: /WENN
Jon Hamm photo credit: Vincent Peters for GQ UK, Sept 2010.

Amy Adams or Emily Blunt as Amy
Amy Adams photo from
Emily Blunt photo from

I wonder if they are going to change the ending. Yes, I am still hung up on that. 

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  1. OMG I love Gone Girl! I couldn't put that book down! I think Jon Hamm as Nick is perfect. If Amy Adams can pull off Amy's personality that would be impressive because she (Amy Adams) does have that girl-next-door look. Excited for the film adaptation!


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