Tuesday, June 25

Baby: My Top 10 from Villa Oasis

One of my all-time favorite baby/toddler clothes stores to shop at is Gap. I was checking out Gap's website, and they have this Villa Oasis collection which reminded me of the beach. I am still longing for the beach. Summer's officially over in the Philippines, and I haven't been able to visit the beach this year. Hmm, there's no stopping us though, it's kinda hot all the time here.

The color combination in this collection is navy, aqua, white and teal. There's a hint of yellow and gold there too.

I love shopping for my little girl. So whenever I get that chance to grab some cute items, I do. Here are my top 10 items that I'd love to get for Allie.

Dinner at the beach:

01 V-neck cardigan. This is a 100% cotton light-weight cardigan that is perfect for a windy night. I like that it's in white so Allie can wear it with anything. It's easy to clean too if it gets stained.

02 Zig zag dress. I can picture Allie wearing this dress for a dinner. I love the chevron pattern -- it's so uso now even for kids. There's smocking at the back too. Another plus? I can get a similar outfit so that we're matching. Haha.

03 Strappy patent sandals. Allie's into sandals now, and this seems to be a good piece to be used with different outfits.

Daytime walk with mom:

04 Contrast bow top. This top has puffy sleeves and the bow and stripe details remind me of a sailor outfit.

05 Bow geometric skirt. Can't this skirt get any cuter? The jewel tones of the sea and white just makes it so refreshing. The print reminds me of stained glass patterns and sea glass.

06 Diane von Furstenberg x baby Gap color block sandals. I got this for Allie a while back, so I just had to put it in here. I wish they made this in my size too.

Pool and beach time:

07 Floppy canvas sun hat. In addition to sunscreen, it's important to wear hats so toddlers' faces won't get burned. The floppy brim makes sure that the face is under the shade.

08 Asymmetrical geometric one-piece. Here's another piece that reminds me of stained glass. Just adorable.

09 Bubble knit shorts. Allie has this in pink and she loves wearing it. I think it's a cute cover-up after playing at the beach.

10 Embellished flower jelly sandals. Another one of Allie's outfit staples is the jelly sandal. I think she wore hers until it didn't fit anymore. Her lola gave it to her. It's also from baby Gap but in blush. This light blue jelly sandals would look cute on her too.

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  1. OMG, I would love the swimsuit and that chevron dress for me! hahaha! good thing I'm not Allie's mom, she'd have some competition from moi! LOL!


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