Thursday, June 13

Freebie: Printable Labels For Your Kitchen

Designed by the Lia Griffith, here is a free printable for your spice racks. It mimics a black vintage chalkboard, and
the font she used is a clean italicized font that is not too girly, just neat enough but looks handwritten. (Please tell me what font this is, I'd love to get my hands on it.)

If you're like me, I buy my spices based on their containers. I try to get glass ones. I used to hoard Archer Farms spices, but I also have other brands. I intended to just refill with the cheap brands when they get empty. Hehe. Now this free label printable will make your spice jars look uniform, even if you have different sized ones.

All you need is to download from here. Get yourself some full page sticker paper (Avery or something that you can use your printer on -- I find that the National Bookstore brand is good enough and inexpensive for inkjet printers). Print on it, cut, and stick away!

There are three free vintage chalkboard printables -- for your pantry, for your gluten-free pantry, and for your spices. Have fun printing!

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  1. yay! thanks for sharing these Ging! this will prettify the upcycled glass containers in our kitchen :)

  2. Thanks for always sharing nice things like this, ging!


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