Wednesday, June 19

Beauty: Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil

A few weeks back, I ordered some Shu Uemura from Taste Central. It was my first time to get some Shu Uemura stuff. I read about it online, and was swayed into buying. Did I mention ads and good reviews work for me? Haha.

I got a couple of Shu Uemura sets. Each one has the following -- cleansing oil, UV under base mousse and tsuya skin.

Using oil to remove make-up was something I've heard of before, but you know, not in the Shu Uemura sense. When I was in high school, I tried removing my heavily made up face (it was prom) using baby oil on cotton to no avail. It was hard to remove. Of course, my face was left greasy and all. Icky. I had to wash my face with facial wash twice, maybe more. I didn't use it again.

I've tried my fair share of different makeup removers, and although I've been satisfied with a couple of them -- see my post here and here, it never stopped me to try this one.

Image from Into the Gloss
Liv Tyler uses it, and her face looks amazing.

So anyway, for you who's trying this for the first time, I am super sure you will love it. I love how my face feels after every use of this product. It leaves my skin feeling soft and radiant; I think I am hooked. I try to use it every time I wear makeup. Here's how I use it:

[1] Take about 5-8 drops, or about a shallow pool on your palm that's smaller than a penny. If you have the pump one, about 1 to 1-1/2 pumps will do. (It's recommended for you to use 4 pumps, but I find that less works well too.)

[2] Massage into your face for about a minute. Start on your cheeks and forehead. End on your eyes/lids and lashes. I swear it melts the heaviest of makeups. But be careful, although it's gentle to the eyes, the tiniest bit of oil will make your vision blurry. Easy enough to remove. Use some eye drops or contact lens solution. It works on your lips too but I'm too scared to use it there.

[3] Wet you hands and rub gently on your face. This will emulsify the oil; it will turn into a milky white substance. Continue to massage it for about 20 seconds more.

[4] Rinse with water. It really doesn't leave that greasy feeling.

[5] Dry with a soft towel.

If it's hard to follow, watch this video from Shu Uemura on how to use their cleansing oils.

I think Taste Central still has the Shu Uemura Summer Fresh set on sale here. Only P840 plus P100 shipping.

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  1. I have to try this Mommy G, although I still trust in my good ol' Pond cold cream for make-up removal :-) With the new Garnier tinted BB creams, I hardly put on my powder foundation, so love this product!

    1. I've tried Pond's too. Too greasy for me. :) Go Vel, try the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. You might become a convert like me.


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