Monday, March 14

Baby: Diaper Bag

My husband and I had a "he said, she said" moment when it came to deciding what diaper bag to get. Initially, I was decided on getting the Tory Burch diaper bag. It's a splurge at $375, but I figured I can use it for babies #2, #3, etc. *wink*

Image from Tory Burch.

Tory Burch does not carry this style anymore. They have a newer one though, the Timmie Messenger Baby Bag, which is still priced at $375.

Image from Tory Burch

Our "he said, she said" moment ended when he said he will not carry a Tory Burch diaper bag because it's too girly. That did it for me. I already have a huge tote bag that I carry around every day, and adding another big bag that I need to look after will just make it harder.

So I told him to choose something that he wants to carry, and I won't get the Tory Burch diaper bag anymore. He found the Diaper Dude site, which carries stylish baby bags that daddies would like.

He chose this.

Image from Diaper Dude

It's his style, and it really suits him well, and at $98, it's still expensive, but it's a huge drop from what I would get. Considering that he said he'll always carry it, it's a deal!

Now, if my husband is not around and I need to go somewhere with Baby A, I would probably just use my big tote bag, and stuff it with the Skip Hop Pronto! changing station in Black Geo. 

Image from Skip Hop


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  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I know you posted that Tory Burch diaper bag a while back, have you seen them for sale anywhere? I like it much better than the new messenger style but cant seem to find it anywhere. Not even ebay :( Thanks in advance :)

  2. I haven't seen them at all since early last year. I like the old design much better too. Have you tried going to/calling the Tory Burch outlets? The only other thing I can think of is looking at their international stores -- they usually have older season styles on display.

  3. Hi Mommy G! I was googling for a Tory Burch diaper bag and your blog is on the top results haha. :) I am planning (well, saving) to buy one for Christmas especially since my cousin works there and she has awesome discounts. I was also planning on buying a diaper bag for hubs since he kept on telling me that I have to have a more manly diaper bag that he can use. Coincidentally, I chose the exact Diaper Dude bag you have here. Cool! ;)

    1. Hey Kayan! It's so nice of you to drop by accidentally. Heehee. Wow, can she be my cousin too? LOL. We don't use our Diaper Dude bag anymore, as it was overused and abused. But it has served us well.

  4. Anonymous1:15 AM

    That's why my husband and I have our diaper bags. He has his camo Diaper Dude messenger bag, and I have my gorgeous Michael Kors tote that I converted into a diaper bag.

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