Sunday, March 6

Love: Lego Architecture

Lego Architect series featuring Frank Lloyd Wright reminded me of the sleepless nights when I used to make scaled building models in college.

The Guggenheim Museum

"Entering into the spirit of this interior, you will discover the best possible atmosphere in which to show fine paintings or listen to music. It is this atmosphere that seems to me most lacking in our art galleries, museums, music halls and theaters." - Frank Lloyd Wright 

Photo by Louis Reens via

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Falling Water

1935, across Bear Run, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA, a home was planned with a goal in mind to merge man with nature...they would succeed in a way that surprised both the makers and the public. To this date "Fallingwater" is seen by many as architect Frank Lloyd Wright´s masterpiece, a marvel in terms of architecture and a world famous landmark.

Photo by OBMA, R.L. Wright Fdn. via
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