Friday, March 11

Love: Dyson Air Multiplier

It's been more than a year since the launch of the Dyson Air Multiplier, and I still love it. I am still thinking about getting it, but the price tag at about $300 is just too much.

But what is it exactly? It's probably the safest "electric fan" existing out there, because of it's bladeless technology. Safe for children.

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Yes, Dyson, popularly known for their wide range of vacuum cleaners, has entered the fan business. Some stores, like Pike's Starbucks in Seattle (I think) also has Dyson's Air Blade, which I'm guessing uses a similar technology for drying your hands.

Image from Dyson

Their air multiplier technology actually does not use any blades, which causes buffeting. Instead, it uses pressurized air that goes through the circular slit around, which they claim "multiplies" air 15x without any interruption, hence, the air multiplier.

Image from Dyson

Are you a lover like me? 

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