Tuesday, September 13

Design: Matera Bed

I am in love with the Matera bed by Sean Yoo, an industrial designer who exclusively designed the bed for Design Within Reach. It's so simple yet it says a lot.

The Matera bed frame is made from solid walnut, and the slats from ash.

I am not usually into wood grains, but it's growing on me. The Matera has two variations. One with storage as in the first photo, and one without.

Without the storage drawers -

With storage -

Here's DWR's description.
"I don't have pictures of sexy models on my walls," says designer Sean Yoo, "I have pictures of sexy chairs from DWR catalogs." The fact that this young designer credits DWR with helping him get his education in design makes having his Matera Collection in our assortment even more special. Created exclusively for DWR, the Matera Bed with Storage (2007) doesn't scream ”storage.” To accomplish this, Yoo left space between the floor and bed to give it breathing room, not to mention plenty of space so knuckles needn't drag on the floor when accessing the drawers. Made in Malaysia. 

  • Six full-extension drawers open by pulling from underneath. Drawers have soft-closing vacuum glides, so they refuse to slam shut.
  • A box spring is unnecessary: the traditional 15 bed slats are increased to a more stable 20.
  • Finished with beveled edges, running match walnut grain, exposed slot mortise and tenon corner joints.

The ash slats in detail -

Look at the joint and detail of the carving. So simple no?

Simple but the price is through the roof for me. The king-size Matera without storage costs $2,940 and the one with storage is $5,040. Hmmm.

*All photos are from Design Within Reach
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  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I want to custom order a matera design bed, so any reviews I find on the internet are very helpful! Thanks.
    A few architects have recommended to add wheels under the drawers for more security and solidness, though I don't know what is the drawing mechanism used in DWR Matera bed.

    1. Hi! I had mine designed similarly and I put wheels on my storage. I had a carpenter make it; I just showed the photos. I used yakal hardwood so everything is very heavy.

  2. Wow. This is precisely what I'm after. But I'm having trouble finding a carpenter to custom build for me. How much did this set you back? and, any tips on someone in Sydney?

  3. wow. exactly what i'm after. though i'm having trouble finding someone to custom build this for me in sydney. one company actively discouraged me from doing it, because of a concern about insufficient air circulating under the bed and how sweaty we get when we sleep. what are your thoughts?

    1. I think as long as you have the slatted base, you're alright. :) it also depends on the type of mattress you have.


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