Monday, September 5

Party: Mini cakes and other desserts

Among the things I loved about my daughter's christening celebration were the mini cakes that my cousin's friend designed and created.

Gorgeousness, I tell you.

We commissioned him to create three designs for Alyssa. Those are what he came up with. They were made from gum paste, making them uber yummy as compared to fondant.

The 'Alyssa' - Coconut Sesame cake.

Inside was more gorgeousness - layers of yellow and orange goodness separated by sesame sheets.

The Daffodil festival - Chocolate Tableau.

The Faberge - Lemon Ginger cake.

Surprise! More rainbow layers.

The venue was in Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club, and they served amazing food. They had yummy pannacotta and chocolate mousse served in shotglasses.

Mango, strawberry, coffee and pistachio pannacotta!

Chocolate mousse

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