Saturday, September 24

Crafts/DIY: My Own Matera (ish), Finally

Okay, technically, this is NOT a do-it-yourself. I had it made by someone else.

I've been eyeing the Matera bed, designed exclusively for Design Within Reach by Sean Yoo. If I was still living in the US, I might have already bought the king sized Matera without the storage. But I just moved to the other side of the world, and shipping the Matera is out of the question.

So I had someone craft it for me.

Here are the before photos:

And here's the Matera-ish bed in the room. Yes, it has a dark stain. *smile*

Here's a closer shot of the headboard.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the drawers in the process, so these would have to do. Our bedroom is super super tiny, and I don't have a wide angle lens with me so pardon the photos.

The drawers are not built-in. They are removable so I can clean under the bed easily with a Swiffer (I love it on wooden floors). I can take them out and put them in another room if I wanted to.

There are two drawers on each side of the bed (so that's a total of 4), equipped with swivel casters (those that can rotate a complete 360). Thank you Martha Stewart for the inspiration.

There you go. Short and sweet. I will post other bedroom updates soon.

PS - Ivory sheets from Simply Vera. Coverlet from Dwell Studio for Target. Grey pillowcases from Target Home.


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