Tuesday, September 27

Crafts/DIY: Labeled Gift Box

We were invited to a birthday party of a friend’s son. It’s his first birthday.

I thought I should practice wrapping for Christmas. I saw this idea on Pinterest. It seemed like a fun way to wrap gifts. It kind of reminded me of Crate & Barrel gift boxes. I guess it’s because of the font they used – very similar to the font I used here.

First, I estimated how big the letters should be printed out. The gift box was about the size of a legal bond paper, and here I used Arial Black size 280. Bigger, bolder letters means they’re easier to read and easier to cut. Because I didn’t have any font that uses outline, I used Arial Black in a very light grey color. 

I then used scissors to manually cut each letter. How I wish I had the Silhouette SD. 

Every end of the year, I scour Target for Christmas gift wrappers that can double as gift wrappers for any occasion. Cheapskate, right? Hmm, come to think of it, maybe I should invest on thicker gift wrappers – double sided perhaps? Anyway, one of the cheap wrap buys I’ve had is a navy blue striped wrapper. All 100 sq. ft. of it was only $1.50. 

I wrapped the box, then glued each letter on the wrapped box.

I’m still deciding on whether to put a ribbon or not. I might just get some raffia.

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