Tuesday, September 20

Freebie: Merengue Merci Favor Cards

Oops. I totally slacked on this post. I was meaning to teach myself how to do forms in Acrobat. I only learned last night. Oh well. As I promised on the post about the DIY merengue favors here, I am sharing the template for the merci favor cards that I designed.

I printed them on white heavy cardstock, then cut them to squares. Don't worry, I provided guidelines on the template.

At first, I used a ribbon puncher so I can tie a ribbon on it with the gift bag. You know... the one with the elongated shaped hole.

I broke my ribbon puncher after just a couple of punches through the cellophane gift bag. Enter sad face.

Using a cutter to slit a tad bit more than 1/2" on both the cardstock and the cellophane works best (and personally, I think it looks more professional).

You can't even tell there's a hole.

Download the template from here. Yes, I now discovered mediafire. Love, love, love free file hosting.

The pdf file is 4MB. If you know how to make it smaller, do tell. Have fun!

PS - I was told that you can use a straightening iron to quickly seal the cellophane bag. I haven't tried it yet, but it's worth a try if you can't get your hands on a plastic sealer.

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