Friday, March 30

Party: DIY Grown-up Favors

It all started with this Anthropologie sewing kit in a mason jar inspiration.

So pretty, isn't it? They're $48 a piece. Enter surprise look here. Super expensive. But I can totally DIY these.

I thought these would make awesome favors / game prizes for adults in Allie's birthday party. I admit, I had no budget for any game prizes for adults. I blame it on my first attempt to style and DIY a kids' party with literally a handful of kids only. Haha. I got too excited with the decorations. With only a week to go before Allie's party, I realized I needed prizes for adults because most of my guests were adults.

I already had a supplier for the mason jars, and I could have gotten them for about 25 cents each. Can you believe how cheap things are here in the Philippines? Anyway, I decided not to pursue the mason jar bit, as I found a cuter container for my sewing kit favors.

I remembered I had these water lily favor boxes by Martha Stewart saved. I bought them while I was pregnant, and finding them accidentally in my craft cabinet was like finding a hidden Christmas present. Haha!

So I just bought sewing kit necessities (in bulk) sans the scissors -- I couldn't find scissors that were small enough to fit in my boxes. I printed patterns on card stock and used that as the needle and thread organizers. I added a pink tissue paper to make it look nicer.

For about 20 boxes, I only spent about P150 ~ less than $4 (Remember, I already owned the boxes). That's about 20 cents each. Creepily amazing huh?

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Tuesday, March 27

Design: Mies van der Rohe

Today is Mies van der Rohe's birthday. Mies van der Rohe's name was a staple during college days. So, when I saw the doodle on Google today, I was so excited to share it with you. I think it's the Caroline Wiess Law Building.

via Google

Here is another tribute to Mies van der Rohe. Infographic via archdaily.

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Monday, March 26

Party: Photobooth Props and Prints

Whew. Now that the party's over, I think I'm going to rest for a day or two. But first, here's a photobooth print from the party:

My little baby was getting sleepy that time, but I think overall she loved the party. I also hired a frozen yogurt food stall, and had Allie have some. Her reaction was priceless. Kakatawa! She had a sour face, but kept on asking for more. Haha.

Did you notice the backdrop? It's the Orla-inspired multi stem pattern and changed the colors to match the theme. I shared with you this freebie pattern a few posts back, but that one's with the actual color combination.

--- oops, I forgot to mention ---
By the way, the props here were made by my sister (except for the pair of star glasses, which was from the photobooth supplier).
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Wednesday, March 21

Crafts/DIY: Stripey Labels

As part of the dessert table, I wanted to put matching labels. I diy-ed them using stripes and this curvy shape I made in Photoshop. That pretty font is Carolyna by Emily Lime.

I'll share the template of the label -- without the font -- after the party (I still have tons os stuff going on).

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Monday, March 19

Crafts/DIY: Paper-Covered Letters (An Update)

Remember when I did these letters for Allie?

I tweaked it a little bit. I am going to use it for the dessert table that I am doing for her party.

I glued another cardboard layer to make it sturdy, and I covered it with yellow paper. Then I had some sequins glued on random areas to make it sparkle a tad bit. I am so excited how the dessert table will turn out! I'm crossing my fingers it will turn out good.

Like it? Tell me what you think.

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Saturday, March 17

Baby: Weekly Photos (21-24)

21: First party attended - check
22: First denim clothing - check
23: First bling (and jacuzzi) - check
24: First hibiscus - check
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Wednesday, March 14

Shopping: GapKids + DVF

It's almost time, and I can't contain my excitement for this DVF <3 GapKids collaboration. See why I'm so giddy like a 5-year old in a candy store. Alyssa would look so cute in these outfits. Aren't baby girls so fun to shop for?

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Monday, March 12

Freebie: Orla Kiely Inspired Multi-Stem Pattern

There was a lot of Orla Kiely bedding for Bed, Bath and Beyond going around design websites -- I first saw it in Apartment Therapy. I got so excited. I adore Orla Kiely patterns, especially the multi-stem.

via Apartment Therapy
Wouldn't this make a cute desktop wallpaper pattern?

I just had to create one for myself, and I like to share it with you. But please, download it only for personal use. Here's the link. Enjoy!

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Sunday, March 11

Party: Fabric Hunting

Just a couple more weeks, and it's already Allie's party. Dear hubby and I went to scope out the event place, and they only had a few linen accent colors to choose from -- blue, dark green and fuschia (leaning towards maroon). Eww. Not one was in the party color scheme.

So I decided to have some table linens made for the party. There are going to be 10 tables of ten with white/cream tablecloth. I wanted a table runner going through the center.

I needed fabric.

We went to Glorietta 5 and checked out the fabric stores there. One store that caught my attention was Cotton Depot. Compared to the other fabric stores in the area, theirs was so clean and organized. I would gladly dish out a few extra bucks than to conquer the piles and piles of chaotic fabric mess in the other store. It's similar to how I feel about Walmart and Target. No offense to Walmart and Walmart-lovers, but I am willing to pay a few cents more per item in Target. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff, and shopping is easier.

Anyway, I found a few "pink" fabrics that would match my Lilly theme.

I bought a third fabric, and I had that made into table runners. I might get it tomorrow. Stay tuned. :)
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Friday, March 9

Freebie: Font Love Blanch

From the source of free font Lavanderia, here is another one by Lost Type Co-Op -- Blanch. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 7

Crafts/DIY: Paper-Wrapped Letters

Every mom I talk to just loves these Pinwale Alphabet letters from Anthropologie.

Sigh, if only I knew how to sew.

So here's another alternative. Use some pretty paper.

1. I printed Allie's name on plain white paper using a font I like -- I used Louisianne, which you can download for free from here.

2. I traced the letters on a used cardboard box, then cut them out using scissors / cutter.

3. I printed Lilly Pulitzer's Skip On It pattern on white paper and used that and white glue to wrap the letters. You can use pretty patterned papers as well.

Here's a photo of the backside. I still plan to cover this with white paper to get a clean look. Don't get intimidated with curved sides.


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Tuesday, March 6

Technology: Augmented Reality in Manila

Remember GE's augmented reality that buzzed over the Internet a while back?

When we went to the Lego store in Orlando, I saw first hand a demo of their digital box. You bring a lego box in front of the digital box, and see the lego come to life. We loved it!

Augmented reality is now here in Manila. Fully Booked Imagine app gives you augmented reality through your mobile device. Just download the app. Visit Fully Booked. Point your device's camera at the poster and see book characters come to life. Pretty cool for all age groups. Read more about it here.

I can imagine augmented reality being applied in clothing stores too. Wouldn't it be cool to see an outfit you chose worn and modeled through your phone?

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Monday, March 5

Crafts/DIY: Letterpressed Invitations

One of my all-time favorite letterpress wedding invitations is the "Salon" from elum designs.

via elum designs

I fell in love with letterpress because of this invitation. I even wanted to have my own letterpress machine.

Of course I bought the hobby letterpress machine from Lifestyle Crafts.

But nothing beats the big old machine, which I still would like to have -- eventually, when we have space for it in the new house.

A few weeks back, I saw this diy-able letterpress machine at A Practical Wedding. She got the plans from here. It's genius, I tell you. I am so tempted to make it.

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Sunday, March 4

Baby: Weekly Photos (17-20)

Here are the weeks leading up to Allie's christening. I think the pool is still her favorite place in the whole wide world. :)
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Saturday, March 3

Crafts/DIY: Easy Paper Flowers

I have jumped into the paper flower bandwagon. I made some -- come take a look.

It's super easy to do if you have a 1.5" circle puncher. Just punch out at least 5 circles for the petals, and 1 for the calyx. Cut the circles from one end halfway to the middle. Make different sizes of "cones" by using glue. Assemble from biggest to smallest, then top with some sequins. Done!

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Friday, March 2

Shopping: My First Louboutins

After a long, long, long plea for my first Louboutins, my hubby finally gave the go signal. Yay. So here I am, uber excited and can't choose.

Will it be the Rolando?

via Neiman Marcus

Or the Shelley?

via Neiman Marcus

Or the simple Decolette?

via Neiman Marcus

I want my first one to be in black.

Well, they are all pretty. I know, I know, it's super expensive for a pair of shoes, but I love my shoes. So there. Stop judging me. Heehee.

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Thursday, March 1

Love: Brunch at Antonio's

We attended a wedding in Tagaytay last weekend. We saw it as an opportunity to visit Antonio's and try their much talked about restaurant.

It was located a few minutes away from the main road. Good thing they put up distinguishable signs; otherwise we would never have found it.

The meal costs around 2,000 - 4,000 per person, depending on what you order -- pretty steep for Philippine standards. But the meal was sumptuous and well worth every penny. Chef Tonyboy Escalante visited our table and said hi, but I was so star strucked that I forgot to take a picture with him. I guess we just need to visit again.

Sangria, frozen mojito, house salad and some frothy soup with pancetta. Their sangria was better than the recipe I make (which I think is really good). But the mojito was just okay. The salad was amazing. I can eat that any time, every day -- I guess less the beets -- I never was a fan of beets anyway. The soup was so-so.

Sea bass, trio of fillet, panna cotta sampler and dark chocolate souffle. I had the sea bass; I thought it was just alright. Maybe because it was crispy outside (read, fried), so the inside was not that juicy as I wanted it to be. Antonio's trio, though, was super yummy. I wish I ordered it. Heehee. As for our desserts, we were speechless. I enjoyed my souffle so much, and the panna cotta too.

Here's a lovely sitting area in the garden with a chandelier hanging from a tree. I'd love to have this in my home someday.

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