Thursday, March 1

Love: Brunch at Antonio's

We attended a wedding in Tagaytay last weekend. We saw it as an opportunity to visit Antonio's and try their much talked about restaurant.

It was located a few minutes away from the main road. Good thing they put up distinguishable signs; otherwise we would never have found it.

The meal costs around 2,000 - 4,000 per person, depending on what you order -- pretty steep for Philippine standards. But the meal was sumptuous and well worth every penny. Chef Tonyboy Escalante visited our table and said hi, but I was so star strucked that I forgot to take a picture with him. I guess we just need to visit again.

Sangria, frozen mojito, house salad and some frothy soup with pancetta. Their sangria was better than the recipe I make (which I think is really good). But the mojito was just okay. The salad was amazing. I can eat that any time, every day -- I guess less the beets -- I never was a fan of beets anyway. The soup was so-so.

Sea bass, trio of fillet, panna cotta sampler and dark chocolate souffle. I had the sea bass; I thought it was just alright. Maybe because it was crispy outside (read, fried), so the inside was not that juicy as I wanted it to be. Antonio's trio, though, was super yummy. I wish I ordered it. Heehee. As for our desserts, we were speechless. I enjoyed my souffle so much, and the panna cotta too.

Here's a lovely sitting area in the garden with a chandelier hanging from a tree. I'd love to have this in my home someday.

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