Sunday, May 6

Party: Jiggles the Balloon Lady

Getting Jiggles the Balloon Lady as the party host/entertainer for Allie's birthday was one of the first things I did to prepare for Allie's party. I haven't seen her act before the party, but I heard so many good things. I wasn't disappointed.

She came in wearing her trademark red and white striped pique polo, with jeans. After the his and hellos, she started preparing her props for her act. The balloons! She brought her very quiet air compressor, which I really appreciated, and started filling her prop balloons with air. She came with her assistant, who also was in charge with the sounds. Yes, she brought her own music, which was cool, because music was a big part of the games.

[all photos by Resonance Photography]

She made the balloons fresh, so everything was shiny and still full of air. Oh, and if you're wondering, she made the balloon hat on the spot too.

There were only a few kids, so each one took home a balloon art. Jiggles the Balloon Lady made a rainbow,

a ballerina,

even Elmo! Elmo was only borrowed in this picture. It was actually owned by a kid, just fyi.

Another cool thing about her was that she had awesome and fun games for both kids and adults. Everyone had so much fun!

You can never go wrong with Jiggles the Balloon Lady. Just make sure you bring tons of small prizes. I think I prepared about 50 small prizes for everyone.

Her rates are very affordable and competitive. She's great with both kids and adults. She speaks well, and she's very approachable.

Heck, I would get her for my own party!

Jiggles the Balloon Lady
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C: 0920-924-6022 | T: 807-8009 / 807-8040 | email:
Rates: P7,500 - P9,200 within Metro Manila

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