Friday, October 11

Love: Drop Caps from Jessica Hische

I just died and went to heaven. These are drop cap designs by Jessica Hische commissioned by Penguin books. The series is called Penguin Drop Caps and each book features a drop cap letter corresponding to the classic literary author's last name. Like for example, 'A' is for the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and 'D' is for Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

It makes me want to collect them because they look so pretty together, just like the Penguin Classics hardbound that I am collecting.

If you love these drop caps, go on to Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap project here. You can use the drop caps for personal use on your blogs too, like the "I" in the beginning of this paragraph. Isn't it so pretty? Well, good news to all you graphic design lovers. Jessica Hische is doing an online course this coming November on Skillshare. Check it out. I'm going. Are you?

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  1. Beautiful, I already have the other Penguin book collection,I don't think I can get another copy! waaaah!


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