Tuesday, October 1

Toddler: Cough, Colds and Fever -- Could It Be Pneumonia?

A simple answer to this is yes.

I am not a doctor and I am only speaking through my own experience with my baby. This is the season of pneumonia in children.

My daughter had a fever accompanied with cough and colds that started two Sundays ago. We were just trying to control her fever, colds and cough by giving her medicine prescribed by her pediatrician. We have a nebulizer at home, and it was helpful to give fast relief for her respiratory symptoms. Her fever went up and down throughout the week. She lost her appetite for solid foods. She just drank formula. It was good timing that we were scheduled to go to her pediatrician Friday morning. So we went.

It turned out that my daughter had pneumonia. Some symptoms to watch out for aside from cough, colds and fever are phlegm sounds from cough, rapid breathing and dryness of lips. Her lungs had fluid also, which was another sign of pneumonia, the doctor said. Right then and there, our pediatrician recommended to have Allie admitted at the hospital so she can get started with the medicine. The doctor's clinic was already at the hospital so it was convenient. We went down to the ER first to get her started with the IV (fluids and antibiotic) because there was no room ready yet.

I tell you mommies, it was one of the most painful things to watch -- getting the IV in your child's veins. The nurses had to wrap her with the blanket so she will not move. Sigh. If I could trade places with her I would. I only had an IV once, when I gave birth to Allie, and it was more painful than giving birth. Well, at least for me.

But Allie's a trooper. She cried not because of the IV, but there were just so many nurses trying to hold her still to get the IV in. She was cool with the IV. I'm so proud of her.

We stayed at the hospital overnight. Allie was given non-stop paracetamol (until her fever was way down), salbutamol (nebulizer), and antibiotic. She was discharged when her fever didn't come back. Her nurses were all awesome. I felt Allie became more at ease with them during our hospital stay. She didn't shy away when they checked her. She was just chill. She slept a lot too. She looks kawawa here but during our hospital stay, she was playing, riding her IV cart (haha) or watching Phineas and Ferb/ Hi-5. She was bummed when the room TV didn't have Disney Jr. on cable. Good thing Daddy E brought her tablet.

What can you do to prevent your child from having pneumonia? BabyCenter has these three in mind.

Number 1. Keep you child updated on her vaccines. Allie was supposed to have her pneumonia vaccine that Friday we went to the doctor. A little too late. Pneumonia got to her a week early. Boo.
Number 2. Practice good hygiene. Start with always wash your child's hands. Kids play a lot. On the bed, on the floor, everywhere. So wash their hands as often as possible to prevent germs from getting to them.
Number 3. Keep your house a smoke-free home. Very obvious.

I have another to add.

Number 4. Do not let your child play with other kids who are coughing or have colds (and this goes the other way around too). Your kid (or other kids) might catch it from them.

We're home now. But we still need to use the nebulizer about 3-4 times a day until her cough's gone. She's taking antibiotics for a week too. Her pediatrician says it will take weeks until her cough is totally gone. I just hope she recovers quickly.

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  1. Hay naku! I had that fear of yours too when my eldest daughter caught up with pneumonia. very heartbreaking to see your child weak and helpless. not to mention no intake kahit tubig wlang gana na inumin...

  2. Hope allie feels better soon... I feel for you Ging!


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