Saturday, October 5

Food: Top Torikatsu

Katsu restaurants have been popping all over the place in Metro Manila. Personally, I love all kinds of katsus as I am in love with all Japanese food. I've had my hand on making tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and torikatsu (chicken) from scratch. I found it easy naman, but of course sometimes you can't afford to spend time preparing it.

Then, I found out about Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu. It's the first and latest heat-and-eat offering of Bounty Fresh, which, in my opinion, is the best brand for quality chicken products in the country. So I had no doubt that this new product will be good. But hey, I still have to try it and see.

They come in two flavors -- Classic and Cheese & Chives. The Classic flavor is "100% chicken breast meat topped with tasty mayonnaise, coated in golden crispy crumbs," while the Chees & Chives naman, is well, topped with creamy cheese and chives sauce.

Okay, so here's the thing. I asked our helper to fry it because I rarely cook na when we moved back. I know I should. I always hear from my husband that he misses my cooking. Ano ka, I cook the most awesome Arroz ala Cubana noh!

So sorry to digress --- anyway, our helper Ate Jane fried the Classic version one day, then the Cheese & Chives the next. She cooked it just the way I wanted it, golden brown and crispy. I like the Classic version better. Don't get me wrong though, both flavors are delicious.  I swear. My mother-in-law thought so too. She was impressed because it was very simply made but very good. That's saying something because she cooks awesome food, and when I say awesome, I mean awesome.

Here are my thoughts about Top Torikatsu. The meat itself is very tender and juicy. The topping, be it the mayo or the cheese and chives, gives it flavor so you can eat it without any more dipping sauce. I also love the breading is not too thick. It's just right. Of course, having it is so much better with perfectly steamed rice.

Top Torikatsu is rated yummy by Forty Weeks.

One pack of Top Torikatsu has 6 pieces (450 grams) in it, and it is only P179 at your leading supermarkets. Can you say super affordable? Now you can have yummy torikatsu in your own home without breaking a sweat or breaking your wallet.

For more information about the product, visit  
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  1. wish we had that here, my kids would love those for sure!


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