Monday, October 21

Food: Borough at The Podium

I've been hearing good things about Borough, so when we had to pick up some croissant doughnuts down at the Podium one time, we just had to head on to Borough. Luckily, we arrived there a bit after 1pm, so the lunch crowd has already thinned out.

The place was very industrial looking. Think wood pallet walls, stainless steel tables and lots of concrete. They tried to offset it with vintage floral prints for the cushions, which is a bit outlandish for my taste. But hey, whatever rocks their boat.

Well, what did we order? I love Arnold Palmer, so I just had to have it. Arnold Palmer is basically half iced tea and half lemonade. It was okay... nothing special. The hubby got some NY Philly Cheesesteak and I grabbed a portion of Chicken and Waffles -- a bit of the Northeast and a bit of the South. Well, both were a bit disappointing -- maybe we had had such high expectations from Borough because people who had dined there told us their food was very good. Still, we've had better.

But... and it's a BIG but... I will definitely go back. Why, you ask? Well, Borough just have some A-MAH-ZING sandwich called "The Elvis". It is the star of our dining show. We ordered it without the bacon because we were thinking we wanted it for dessert. "The Elvis" is fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, with sides of coconut dulce de leche (glorified coco jam -- hehe) and sour cream. Homaygad, it is delicious. Simot to the last drop.

Well, Borough, you were saved. I shall be back and get "The Elvis". This time, with bacon. :)

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  1. Food in pinas is always sooo good, glad they got their ELVIS sandwich version with a twist!

  2. a merry mix of materials -stainless steel, wood & concrete. nice! ;)

  3. Wow....This is quite delicious!


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