Monday, October 7

Crafts/DIY: Chalkboard Party Decor

This is another party craft that you can do on your own. These awesome chalkboards were made by my sister for the birthday of her friend's son. Read on how she did it and be inspired with the photos.


My officemate was on a budget for her son's chef-themed first birthday party and she asked me to help her create centerpieces similar to those menu chalkboards we see in restaurants. Instead of writing the party menu, we leaned towards writing quotes. I looked up quotes on Pinterest about food, baking and cooking.

For the design, I restrained myself from my usual girly lettering. I had a hard time staying away from pinks and curls. I first tried it with ordinary chalk but it was a craft fail. The result was too dull.

Luckily,  I have crafty siblings and it just so happened that I came across these perfect chalk in pens. I used them for the chalkboards and the effect was solid and less messy. My favorite part was mixing the colors together while the ink was still wet to get a watercolor effect.


Our chalk ink pens were from Amazon, and these chalkboards were supplied by her officemate. But you can DIY your own by using some chalkboard spray paint from Rust-Oleum on cheap frames.


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  1. You guys are so talented!!!! love it all Ging! Galing!

  2. I agree with you Ms. Vel! Ms. Ging is my inspiration too when it comes to DIY-ing. My daughter's first birthday theme inspiration is from her too.

  3. Ms. Ging, you have been nominated for the Sunshine Award Love. It’s a way of thanking you back for the inspiration you’ve shared. Please spread on!

    If you don’t mind, here’s my link:

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