Monday, April 16

Love: Book Crush Unearthed

I finally unearthed my Penguin Classics hardbound books. They look so pretty together. I'll display them better when I find the space.

Yes, there are more behind that first row.

I bought them because they look so cohesive together, and they make me want to read the classics. You know, there ought to be a set for Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, and all the other Philippine classics. Maybe there is, but I am not aware. I bet, a lot of people will buy them. Hmm, that's a good business idea, don't you think?

Maybe when Allie gets older, I'll get her the Puffin Classics set -- with stories more suited for kids. They're cute, too.

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  1. oh so pretty!!!! I love them so much too! Where do you have your displayed now?

    1. In the family room for now. I haven't opened one though. LOL. I just love looking at them. :) I swear I'll have a library built in the forever house for my Penguin Classics. hehe


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