Tuesday, October 25

Crafts/DIY: No-sew Tutu

I decided to make a tutu for Alyssa today. I went to Kamuning market to buy materials.

I promise, this is so easy to make. To make a tutu for a 7-month old baby, I only needed:
  • 2 yards of soft tulle (there's a stiff version, which they use for petticoats - DON'T get that),
  • 2 yards of ribbon, and
  • a pair of scissors.
Note: Depending on the skirt size, you might need more tulle and ribbon. 

Measure your baby's waist, and mark both ends with knots. Make sure you leave about 10" on each side so you can tie a ribbon when you're done.

Fold the tulle many times to make it easier to cut into strips.

Cut it into 3" strips. Cut the strip into 4 equal parts, or however you want the skirt length is. Note: The final strip length should be twice what you want your skirt length to be. For my baby, I used about 6" final skirt length. That means I needed 12" strips.

Tie one strip of tulle unto the ribbon using a lark's head knot.

Image via friendship-bracelets.net

Keep doing this with all the other strips.

The more strips you use, the fluffier the skirt gets. Here is the finished product using 2 yards of tulle.

A closeup of the knots:

The costume is not yet done, but so far, it looks so cute! It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker's pink tutu on SATC.

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