Sunday, October 23

Food: Suman sa Lihiya

My mom just came from Mindoro last weekend. She brought back some suman sa lihiya with her, and gave us some to taste.

I am such a fan of suman. This variety is made from glutinous rice, water and lye solution. Yes, lye solution. Kinda weird huh? But it's so good.

Suman is usually eaten as a Filipino dessert dipped in sugar. Sometimes, we eat it with ripe mangoes. They are soooo yummy!

The one she brought back was in a box.

The pieces of suman were cube-shaped wrapped in banana leaves.

After heating it up for maybe a minute, I peeled off the leaves.

This kind of suman was more bland, but they came with coco jam yummy goodness. The sweetness of the jam was a perfect companion to the suman.

I wish I had some mangoes.
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