Saturday, April 28

Party: Kids' Favors (Part 2)

For the older kids, I had small totes and drawstring bags made. I added coloring books and crayons inside.

It was a no-brainer. We wanted something that kids can use again, without the usual birthday theme or the name of the celebrant. So we just incorporated parts of the invitation to the bag prints.

Photo by Resonance Photography

I bought the canvas cloth, had the Lilly Pulitzer and chevron giraffe prints printed by my cousin using heat transfer paper (awesome by the way), then had the canvas sewn by a seamstress. Printing came first so the quality will be at its best.

They were "terno" with my invitations.

They were such a hit, even some lucky grown-ups got some. Of course, this was after the kids got theirs.

The cost of each bag was just around P60-75. You can make them cheaper if you sew and print them yourselves.

I changed the print on the drawstring bags, so boys won't be ashamed to carry them. Haha.

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  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    hi! nice souvenirs:) may i know where you bought the canvas cloth? thank you!:)

    1. Thanks! I got them from Kamuning market for about P90/yd. But if you have time to go to Tabora, you'll find some that are much much cheaper.

  2. May I know how many bags can 1 yard of canvass cloth make? thanks! id love to make something like this for my daughters birthday in july. :)

    1. Hi KD. It really depends on the size of both your cloth and the bags.


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