Friday, April 27

Food: My Simple Take On Magnum Ice Cream

I finally did it. I am no longer out of the loop. I took the plunge and decided to see what the hype is all about.

It was just an ordinary day in the office. My mom came by to visit Allie. Yes, we bring our baby to the office. Don't judge. :)

She got Magnum ice cream for everyone. I got the Almond flavor.

Nutritional info via Magnum website

For those who can distinguish belgian chocolate and non-belgian, this is a treat for you. Otherwise, stay with the cheaper ones (Magnum bars are P50 apiece). The chocolate in Magnum is very creamy, which melts in your mouth. Super yummy. For me, Magnum goes to my favorite ice cream flavors, alongside Haagen Dazs Vanilla Almond bars, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and Freddo's Dulce de Leche (an Argentine brand). So yes, I will buy Magnum again.

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