Saturday, April 28

Party: Supplier Review - Resonance Photography

They are my memory keeper.

It was a fortunate stroke of serendipity to find Donna and Kix Tavora of Resonance Photography. They were referred by Ging Lorenzo.

I saw their sample work, and just like that, I booked them for Alyssa's birthday. I met with Donna at Makati to give her my deposit, and she was so easy to talk to. Donna was helping out her husband in growing their photography gigs, and it is really Kix who takes the photos, but Donna usually assists.

It wasn't smooth sailing as the party neared. Donna sent a message to me saying that Kix will be out of the country during Allie's party weekend, so he won't be able to make it. She offered either a full refund or a discounted rate with her heading the service along with another assistant. I took the chance and still got them. There was a silver lining. I got three photographers for the party. Yay! More pics!

I chose them to be my photobooth supplier too. They printed my Orla Kiely-inspired backdrop for free, and I got to design the layout for the prints.

I wasn't disappointed at all. They were great to work with, and very professional. I'm so glad I got them to cover Allie's party. I would gladly book Resonance Photography next time.

One thing I would suggest to make their service better is the way the photobooth was handled. The operator was friendly, but it would have helped if she gave us some sort of audible warning when the camera was counting down already to take the photos. Hmm, come to think of it, she gave some 2 seconds. Eek. Sayang some pictures. Too candid. Haha.

Here are the photos that made it to my list.

Resonance Photography:

Contact person - Donna Tavora
E: | C: +63922-882-8672 | Facebook link
   Kiddie party rates start at P7,000

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  1. Thanks Ging for trusting us..and thanks too for the photobooth suggestion. Looking forward to working with you again! :-)


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