Friday, October 7

Freebie: Because I Cane

I was in the middle of doing this cane pattern when I saw possibly the best dessert table designer ever, Amy Atlas, posted on her blog all about cane. Probably just a weird coincidence, or maybe great minds think alike. Who knows?

Anyhoo, probably anyone who grew up in the Philippines during the 80's would somehow be familiar with this pattern. It's just the pattern for a typical kids' party chair, and probably what their grandparents' butaca, or a lounge chair, is made of too.

Image from Cambio

I think cane is making a comeback.

Restoration Hardware has a fairly recent cane collection.

And now, Amy Atlas curated some beautiful cane pattern goodies.

Image from Amy Atlas

So now, I'm going to share with you a free --- yes, FREE --- cane pattern. Download it from here.

I used the pattern to make these cute little gift tags. Download the gift tags here. Like it?

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