Wednesday, August 22

Crafts/DIY: Florigami Tutorial

Okay folks, hang on to your seats. Here is the tutorial for the flower origami that I posted a few days back. And it is super easy.

The visual how-to:

Now, from step 10, you glue the two edges together to form the completed flower petal in 11.

Repeat the whole process 5 times to complete 5 petals, and glue them together to come up with the finished flower as in the first photo.

See? Super easy. I bet you can even do this in your sleep. *wink*
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  1. Waaah! I got lost at step 7! I just ended up at step 6 and can't make it to the other steps! Help!!!! :-(

    1. Vel - in step 7, you need to open up the flaps using the folds you made in step 6. :)

    2. I think i got it - although my post-its dont look as pretty as the pink paper you used1 ;-) thanks!

    3. Yay. I used post its for practice too! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Kelsey. I'm sorry about the vagueness of my directions. In step 9, you just need to fold the "horns" and tuck them between. :)


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