Friday, August 24

Travel: Tybee Island and Seafood

Have you ever seen Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's movie The Last Song that went out a couple of years ago? Well, apparently, that movie was set in the coastal area of Tybee Island near Savannah, GA.

The movie was based on a Nicholas Sparks book, but I think the book story was originally set in South Carolina. It's a movie fit for father's day. Kakaiyak, and I'm such a sucker for these kinds of plotsI really don't watch Miley Cyrus' movies, but I am a Sparks fan. I even met him once in a book signing (and incidentally, Hill Harper, too, during the same event). They're both super cool guys.

Here is the famous Tybee Island Light Station:

The beach:

Pardon me for posting mostly about Georgia in most of my travels. I think I'm missing it. We used to live in Atlanta, and getting the yummiest seafood platter in the state is about a four-hour drive from the city. One time, we decided to go to Tybee to just have lunch at the Crab Shack. It was sooo worth the drive.

Funny thing is, my husband is allergic to shellfish. So he had ribs. Translation: More seafood for me.

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  1. No worries about your posts on Georgia dear - keep 'em coming. :-)


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