Monday, August 13

Crafts/DIY: Mini Paper Buntings

The start of Maroon 5's 'Sunday Morning' song definitely explained the day yesterday.
"Sunday morning and the rain is falling." Yes, it rained hard again. So, I decided to make some cute little buntings to brighten up the gloomy mood.

Don't you just love buntings? Here is an easy tutorial on how to make teeny weeny buntings.

All you need are the following:
{1} a piece of colored paper,
{2} twine or raffia, and
{3} a pair of scissors.

Cut small triangles. They don't need to be perfect. :)

Then cut slits on the sides of the triangles, and just insert the raffia or twine. There you go!

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  1. Wow, only you can come up with mini buntings to make you smile on a rainy day!!!! Too cute dear!


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