Wednesday, June 26

Travel: Bath & Body Works Toiletries

Another hotel toiletry brand I love is Bath & Body Works. I got some from Villa Montes, a boutique hotel in San Bruno, California. It was near enough San Francisco, and we needed an affordable and spacious hotel that was within our budget. Hotels in the city are so expensive and tiny, so Villa Montes really fit the bill. Free internet and printing too!

Okay, back to the toiletries. They were in tiny 1 fl. oz. bottles, even smaller than Bath & Body Work's retail-available travel sized 3 fl. oz. The hotel had it in Rainkissed Leaves scent, except the mouthwash, which was in mint. Rainkissed Leaves has this crisp and refreshing scent that smells really good. It really reminded me of the rain.

We stayed for about 5 days in the hotel, and just imagine how many sets I got. I am set for all my travel needs. <Insert evil laugh here> I will definitely come back.

Note to hotel management: Take it as a good sign if your guests take home your toiletries with them. :) It's a sign of good service. Well, at least for me.

Other hotels that carry this toiletry brand are Marriott and Wyndham hotels.

Wanna know what the best looking toiletry brand for me is? I wrote about it here.

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  1. I got the same set before too! but my fave hotel toiletry set is the one from Disney - H2O is pretty fab. :-)


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