Sunday, April 14

Shopping: Cath Kidston in Bangkok

It was my first time visiting a Cath Kidston store. The store itself was such an eye candy even from the outside. They used the aqua and red combination, one of my favorites. The red doors make it more inviting. The beech floors, floral motif, white ceiling, ample lighting and brightly colored walls complete the Cath Kidston interior.

Their window displays some of their bestseller bags.

I can spend a day inside the store. There are so many cute things! Aside from the bags, look at the tea sets and tin canisters. The stuffed bears are also adorable. Yes, they also have sewing accessories, umbrellas, and ribbons. 

Please open a Cath Kidston store na in Manila. :) For now, go visit their website on this link. Enjoy!
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  1. So many pretty things!

    1. I know! I love looking at them. :)

  2. Here too sana!!! My friend also posted some pics of the store on IG and I was in love, What did you end up grabbing? so tempting this place!


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