Wednesday, April 10

Food: O'Mai Khan Mongolian Buffet

Just from the name is spelled, you know it's Mongolian. But having Ilocano relatives, I know that the meaning of the word 'omaykan' is "let's go".

We had lunch here when we arrived at Baguio City. The last time I ate at O'Mai Khan was ages ago, and their location was still at a small area beside a government agency in the city.

It is very homey inside. The windows are open and you can feel the cool breeze of the mountains.

They are known for their Mongolian buffet, and that is what we came in for, although, we also ordered some hot pot for our soup. It's perfect for the cool weather of Baguio. (Starts at P170 for one)

We also got some strawberry shake. Hmm, I expected it to be delicious, but it wasn't THAT good. It tasted like there was a mix of soda in it. Maybe the strawberries weren't that fresh.

But enough of that. Let's get ready to get our mix! Like any other Mongolian buffet places, you fill your bowl with raw ingredients, mix in your choice of sauce, then have them stir fry your order. You first get your choice of meat -- pork, chicken, beef, fish or mix it up if you want. The vegetables looked very fresh, just what you would expect from Baguio.

The sauce mix was a trial and error for me when I first ate here. I didn't know how to cook then yet, but now, I know exactly what to put -- 1 part teriyaki sauce, 1 part oyster sauce, 1/2 part brown sugar, 1/2 part chili oil, and 1/2 part peanuts. The best part was it was an all-you-can-eat feast for only P220. So inexpensive.

Make sure you leave room for this amazing dessert okay? I swear, it's heavenly. Lemon Cheesecake for the win! (P80)

Here is their menu.

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  1. Your making me hungry again Mommy G! I get a bit homesick whenever I see food from back home!

    1. Heehee. I miss shopping there whenever I see you post stuff from Target and deals from furniture/home stores. :P See? We're even.


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