Tuesday, April 16

Food: Good Food Zood

This is one of our serendipitous finds in Bangkok. It was our first day (or night I should say), and we just checked in at our hotel, and we decided to go to the mall to have dinner. We went to Central Plaza, which was about a five-minute ride from Hotel de Bangkok.

The restaurants were on the upper floors -- a ploy from mall designers to make you pass all the stores at the bottom. Well, it worked. We had to go through Cath Kidston first. Haha.

When we finally decided that prolonging our hunger was out of the question, we zoomed up towards the topmost level and picked our first restaurant at Bangkok. We chose Zood Noodle.

It has a casual vibe right from the entrance. They had this cute DIY yellow chandelier made from spoons with a kettle dangling at the center.

The glass displays an array of vintage-looking vehicles and a few quirky robots.

I love the way they decorated the space. They even made use of this divider to display cute yellow-tone pitchers and glasses.

Here's another DIYable piece -- a floor lamp with the same yellow-tone glasses and pitchers.

Forget about the other menu items, just order this: Seaweed Shrimp Pad Thai. This take on the traditional Pad Thai is one of the best I've had. Instead of flat rice noodles, they used seaweed noodles. There's this certain crunch to it, a bit similar to eating jellyfish in Chinese restaurants. Ever since I tasted this, I've been on the lookout for some seaweed noodles. I'd love to have this again.

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  1. Would love to try this too! That Chandy is a DIY-in-the making for sure!


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