Saturday, June 8

Event: Wicked in Manila?

I've been hearing stuff about Wicked coming to Manila as early as January 2014. Wicked is probably my all-time favorite musical. I watched it while we were in the US, but not in New York. We took a drive up to North Carolina with my sister to watch it.

I remembered the NC stay vividly because it was the first time I decided to partially use my miles (and my credit card) to book a hotel, and when we got in the hotel, they didn't have my booking. I was so pissed at the airline that time because I got a confirmation number in the email to go with it. We called the miles customer service, and they spoke to the receptionist. Nothing. The miles people couldn't help me out. Then, the good folks at Hampton Inn took pity, booked us a room and upgraded us to a suite for the same price. I love them!

As for the cc payment I used to partially pay for the initial booking, Amex took care of that. All it took was a phone call. I explained the situation. They immediately credited it back to my account. I swear they are the most awesome, easiest to talk to credit card company in the whole world. If I can just hug them, I would.

Here is the lobby of our hotel.

Our bathroom had a television behind the vanity mirror.

After a few minutes of resting, we went ahead to the theater.

It was a tiny theater.

We took some photos before the show started.

We were three happy campers.

I don't mind watching it again. Okay, that's the understatement of the year. I would LOVE to sit up close the stage and watch it again. I promise I won't sing along. You better not too.

I heard tickets might go on sale as early as July this year. I'm feeling giddy just thinking about it.

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  1. It is! Wicked is coming to Manila in 2014!!! And I am sooo going. I wish I could see it in Broadway though. Soon. Soon. :)

    1. Is it official already? Me, too. I already declared to the hubby that he will go with me and watch again. I really just wish that when they do show it here, walang makikikanta habang nagpperform mga actors.

  2. It was hubby who told me that it will be showing here starting January. Hay sana nga walang makikanta. Especially me. Hehe


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