Thursday, October 4

Face: The Best Make-up Remover (Part 2)

I've been using the Body Shop's Chamomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, and I shared with you my thoughts on it here.

Then I discovered another really, really good make-up remover. I found it at the Face Shop, and it's called Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye (Make-up) Remover. Okay, the bottle says Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover. Scary if it were true, huh?

What I love about it is its smell. It smells so fresh.

The big question remained though. Will it do the work?

I decided to go ahead and use it on my eyes. The verdict? It removed the make-up (with eye liner and mascara) ever so easily, and it is very gentle on the eyes. It didn't sting at all.

I highly recommend it.

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