Wednesday, October 31

Crafts/DIY: 5 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Kids

I've seen so many halloween costumes that are super easy to make. Some, though, can be bought, but the potential is there! Here are my top picks for the cutest ones. Happy Halloween!

[1] Snail Costume from Oh Happy Day 

via Oh Happy Day

[2] Paper Doll from Spoonful

via Spoonful
[3] Peacock from Creatively Christy

via Creatively Christy
[4] Sushi from The Wishing Elephant / Martha Stewart for instructions

via The Wishing Elephant

[5] Wizard of Oz' Dorothy from peace love couture

Via peace love couture

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  1. These are all oh-so-cute! My face is the snail! Hehe! What was Allie 's costume? Betcha she was cuter! Next time, boys costume naman, haha! :-)

    1. Cute ng snail noh? Allie's costume was a mere Wonderwoman outfit with silver Toms. Haha. Oo nga, boys naman next time.


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