Monday, January 28

Crafts/DIY: Spray Painted Wrapping Paper

I know this is a post too late. It slipped through the cracks. I just remembered it because I've been attending a lot of birthday parties lately, and DIY gift wrappers are so in.

Last Christmas, I made some. We had a ton of spray paint in our house, and I figured I can use it to make wrapping papers by using stencils and thick kraft paper.

I wrapped the box first, because I wanted the effect to be perfectly placed as so. I made a Christmas tree stencil, and spray painted it with fluorescent pink. I topped it off with a gold seal embossed with our monogram.

Here are other spray painted wrapping paper for your inspiration.

[top] Oh, hello friend DIY - Polka dot paper
[middle] Eddie Ross - Lace paper
[bottom] Crafted - Camera Print paper
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  1. never too late dear, great idea!!! So cute!

    1. Thanks Vel. You know it reminded me of your blackboard spray paint. I think using that one will be sooo awesome. You can spray paint an instant gift tag and use chalk to write. How cool is that? :)

  2. Hi Mommy G! I love your crafts and your blog. I found you on topblogs and I'm glad I did. I will follow your from now on by adding you to my blogroll!

    1. Hi Maita! Thank you so much for your kind words. I do hope you continue reading the blog. :)

      By the way, I love your blog too!


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