Tuesday, January 1

Food: da.u.de love

Happy New Year!  Now, let's start this year right with a post about hmmm what else but food. Haha.

Even before its launch, I've been hearing about this cool tea place from family friends. One of our ninangs always tells us to visit this tea place her daughter put up. When we finally had the chance to go, I thought I had died and went to tea heaven.

da.u.de (pronounced as da-you-deh) is a little place tucked in the corner of 4th and 26th at Bonifacio Global City. There was parking available on the street, but we opted to go inside the building. It was very well-lit, well-guarded and the parking attendant spoke straight English believe it or not. I almost was okay with the lofty parking fee (Metro Manila standards and not by NYC standards anyway).

Notice the floor? It has a chevron pattern using custom-cut tiles if I'm not mistaken.

They have tall white arches near the front wall. If you look closely, they have tiny mistletoes. Cool! The tables beside them are usually tables for two.

Their stainless steel back chairs have red ribbons tied to them. Very classy!

The wall on the corner is home to the da.u.de logo lit up with hoop lights. It might not be called that, but it seems appropriate.

The adjacent wall boasts the same hoop lights. Both walls have written thank-you notes from visitors. Our table was just below this wall.

It was so hard to choose from their menu.

They have countless tea blends, and you can choose how you want it to be -- iced, hot or carbonated. I had my favorite Skala, just because I'm not adventurous.

Their cold drinks (like my iced skala) came with adorable paper straws.

Their hot drinks came in double-walled glass mugs.

While waiting for our food, I browsed the other side of the tea lounge. The shelves were full of gift packages, cake stands, and tea accessories. The space where da.u.de is, is pretty tiny -- very cozy, and if you notice, this display has all glass shelves built into mirrors. It makes the whole area look bigger, and brighter too.

There were samples of tea blends like this pink chai black tea.

They also have a collection of kiddie books. They put the bill inside one of these books.

I ordered the Mushroom Mascarpone pasta, which is pretty good. But I was starving that day and the serving was not enough. Haha.

My husband ordered the da.u.de Pho. I was sooo jealous. I tasted the tea-infused broth and it was very yummy. I'll probably order this one the next time I visit.

Here it is as the waiter pours the broth into the bowl.

Some chillies included too? My kind of pho.

The only thing missing from their menu I think is food for kids. Preferably caffeine-free. :)

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  1. I like the stainless steel back chairs & the pho! :)

  2. love those chairs too! That pho looks yum, my husband loves anything pho! Thanks for the tour!


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