Friday, January 11

Baby: Interactive Floor Projection

Once upon a time, I took lots of iPhone photos and they just stayed there inside my phone. I didn't sync the phone with my laptop at all (haha, major katamaran). Then I got a new phone for Christmas and I was forced to sync my old one so I can have the settings on my new phone. And there they were -- the cute photos of Allie when she just turned one. It seemed so long ago since she looked so tiny here. Now she's running all over the place. She's turning 2 on March.

Here is a series of photos that are so adorable. It was taken at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Allie went nuts over this interactive floor. She could have stayed all afternoon playing here.

Soccer time.

"Look mom, I'm trying to dive!"

Hmm, wouldn't it be so funny if your living room floor is this huge interactive projector, and your baby has this outfit on him? Mommy's little helper! Heehee. Cute.

Image from msn now

*My note to you: No offense meant to anyone. I just found this photo adorable.
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